Take Shape for Life

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Take Shape for Life is a multilevel marketing system that distributes Medifast nutritional weight loss products. Take Shape for Life works like any MLM, for example Amway, where products are distributed from the manufacture to a limited number of top tier distributors. These top tier distributors then develop what is called a down-line or other distributors who purchase products from the top tier distributors. This second tier distributor sells products to consumers and shares some of his/her profit with the top tier distributors. The second tier distributor can sell product directly to consumer or they can build a network of distributors under them who are 3rd tier distributors. The 3rd tier distributors share some of their profits with both the 1st tier and 2 tier distributors. When fully matured the system looks like a pyramid with hundred or even thousands of low-level distributors sending money back up the line to the top tier distributors. These multilevel marketing systems general are very profitable for those on top of the pyramid, but not so profitable for those on the bottom of the pyramid.

American Bariatric Centers-Direct has developed a different type of distribution model for their high quality, high protein low carbohydrate nutritional supplements.
We bring everyone in on the top tier, so that all of our partners are purchasing factory-direct at wholesale pricing. Why buy retail?

Our partners push these high quality protein bars, shakes and snacks at wholesale pricings. They can then retail these products or build a down-line network should they wish. Some of our partners are opening brick and mortar weight loss centers, others are distributing our bariatric protein supplements such as our high protein low carbohydrate bars, shakes and snacks to fellow bariatric surgical patients and others, with the help of our IT department are distributing our high quality protein supplements online through an e-store.

Whichever distribution you wish to choose, we’ll help you grow your weight loss business and reach surgical weight loss patients offering bariatric surgical weight loss diet plans, pre operative physician supervised weight loss and post bariatric surgical weight loss nutritional supplements. Once you are purchasing nutritional product directly from the manufacture you can earn money by opening an online e-store and distribute weight loss supplements to individuals that are purchasing weight loss products at much higher prices from commercial weight loss centers, like Take Shape for Life, Medifast, Optifast, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Physicians Weight Loss Centers, Metabolic Research Centers, Medi Weight Loss Centers or those selling these delicious high protein weight loss supplements on line through e-store.
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