Our prices are so low we can’t post our pricing on our website

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Disrupting markets isn’t always easy is it?

Yesterday I shot a video explaining how regular people like you can purchase high quality low carb-hi protein weight loss bars, shakes and snacks factory-direct at wholesale prices. I mentioned a couple of the big retail stores such as Bariatric Choice®, Bariatric Direct and Bariatric Pal and within a few hours of the post, I got a call from my vendor demanding that I remove my wholesale pricing from my e-store. Apparently these mega stores don’t want you to know how little they pay for their products.

So until I find another vendor, I can’t post my low, low prices for the best bariatric choice of bariatric direct products. Hi quality, low carb, hi protein nutritional food sources that help you lose weight by decreasing hunger and preserving your lean body mass. These low, low cost bariatric direct products are the best bariatric choice for bars, shakes and snacks are a must for bariatric surgical patients. Now you can purchase these great tasting high quality bariatric foods factory-direct at wholesale prices.

Contact us (407-801-8830) and we’ll help show you how to save thousands and earn millions by opening a brick and mortar weight loss center or an e-store. Our clients are making millions of dollars a year in nutritional product sales. It’s fast and easy, we walk with you every step of the way and most importantly it’s FREE.

Look for new vendors soon vendors that will allow us post our low, low prices on bariatric direct products that are the best bariatric choice for you.

Our prices are so low we are prohibited from posting the price, so call today (407-801-8830) and I’ll show you how to buy the lowest priced bariatric products on the market today.


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