American Bariatric Centers through our Patient Learning Center provides FREE Patient Weight Loss Education including hundreds of learning tools to help individuals achieve their goal weight.  Whether you are in a physician supervised medical weight loss program or a bariatric surgical weight loss program our patient education videos, PDF, patient forms, blogs, white papers and interactive tools will help you reach your goals.   Patient education focuses on preparing patients for bariatric surgery, helping patients with physician supervised medical weight loss programs, helping patients ensure best outcomes from bariatric surgery and helping those who choose to lose weight through a nutritional-behavior-exercise approach without the help of medications or surgery.

4×4 Easy Weight Loss Plan

This may seem too simple to work, but trust me, you have nothing to lose but weight by giving this simple to follow easy weight loss plan a shot.


Weight Management

Love thyself: Decide to lose excess weight because you are a wonderful person, not in order to become one. Improve your health for yourself, nobody else.

Weight Loss Diet Plans to Lose Weight Fast

Weight Loss Plans