Did you know you can buy your bariatric nutrition factory-direct at wholesale prices?

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Did you know you can buy your bariatric nutrition factory-direct at wholesale prices? Most people who use high protein low carb nutritional products in a bariatric medical or surgical weight loss program can get the very same great tasting high quality protein supplements at a fraction of the cost by purchasing their products through American Bariatric Centers Direct at factory-direct wholesale prices. Why pay retail when you can save hundreds of dollars through our factory direct wholesale e-store?  Call 407-801-8830 today and we’ll show you how to purchase factory direct at wholesale prices.

I’ve helped over 10,000 patients find safe and effective weight loss through physician supervised weight loss programs. Some of these patients lost weight through a very low calorie diets or VLCD, others used weight loss medications and other had bariatric surgery such as Lapband, gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. The one thing they all had in common is that they used high quality high protein nutritional supplements to protect their lean body tissue, reduce their appetite and help produce rapid weight loss.

High protein low carb diet products such a protein bars, protein shakes and protein snacks are the mainstay of any successful weight loss program, but why buy retail? Through American Bariatric Centers Direct you can buy high protein bariatric bars, shakes and snacks at wholesale prices saving you hundreds of dollars a year.   Once you learn the secret to buying wholesale you’ll realize just how much money you can save buying nutritional bariatric foods and supplements factor-direct. Call today 407-801-8830.


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