Program II (LCD)

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Program II (LCD): a low calorie weight loss diet plan, which can produce quick weight loss without fasting. In this program patients will consume approximately 1000 kcal/day (this varies based upon starting weight see details below). Much of the dietary Read More…

Program III (Transition)

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Program III (Transition): In this phase, patients are transitioned to ‘real’ foods, beginning with the dinner meal which has been up to this time a package entrée. Patients are now asked to introduce 250-350 calories of real food into their diet Read More…

Program IV (Maintenance)

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Program IV (Maintenance): In this phase, patients have successfully completed at least 6 months of lost weight and are developing a long-term weight management plan. Patients are required only to see the physician once a month. The physician may or may Read More…

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