Bariatric Choice

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There are hundreds of distributors of bariatric nutritional products, such as Bariatric Choice, Nashua Nutrition, Ambari Nutrition, but there are only a small number of manufacturers. American Bariatric Centers and their bariatric surgeons, bariatric physicians and nurses have been using these low carb, hi protein supplements to help their patients lose weight through bariatric surgical and bariatric medical programs for 30 years.

In the past we advise our patients to go to one of these commercial e-stores such as Bariatric Choice, but now we are bypassing the middleman and giving our partners a chance to buy these same nutritional weight loss products factory-direct at wholesale prices. Why buy retail? You’ll be able to purchase the same products that Bariatric Choice is selling but at factory-direct wholesale prices. Why buy retail from Bariatric Choice when you can buy wholesale from American Bariatric Centers-Direct?

Get the same produces at half the cost shipped directly to your home and we’ll help build you an e-store so that you can sell the very same products as Bariatric Choice is selling on the Internet. Our previous clients are generating millions of dollars a year in sales, with our help. Call today and we’ll help you start your new Bariatric Business for FREE. Free to join, factory-direct purchases and a support team of bariatric surgeons, physicians and nurses. Our entire medical and business team is here to help you grow your new business. Start today and begin earning money this week.


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