ABC Direct Nutrition Intro

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If you are one of millions of Americans who use high protein bariatric nutritional products to aid you in your weight loss, why pay retail when you can purchase these very same bariatric nutritional products factory-direct through American Bariatric Centers-Direct?


We have been in the weight loss business for nearly 30 years, our medical director, Dr. Kevin Huffman has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs, commercial weight loss centers, hospitals, bariatric surgeons, physicians and more recently e-store retailers generate millions of dollars.


Today we are offering our entire team of physicians, nurses, counselors, web developers, and business support to ordinary people like you.


Today you can purchase the same delicious high protein nutritional products factory direct at wholesale pricing through ABC-Direct. Why pay retail?


We can help you open a brick and mortar store, build a webpage and e-store, integrate a behavioral-nutritional program into a physician’s office, any and all options to enter the field of behavioral-nutritional weight loss is available to you.


If you are in a bariatric surgical support group, we’ll show you how to purchase high protein nutritional bariatric foods, factory-direct at wholesale pricing so that you and your fellow postoperative bariatric surgical patients can save money.


If you want to save money and earn money, we’ll partner with you through ABC-Direct to do just that.


Call Dr. Huffman today at 407-801-8830 and he’ll get you started on this exciting opportunity to save money and earn money through factory-direct high protein bariatric nutritional products.


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